A Successful Richmond Foodies Launch

CPG wins the food enterprise contract from Richmond Council
April 16, 2017
Are you interested in better sales results for your food business?
May 25, 2017

A Successful Richmond Foodies Launch

We are thrilled to see our Richmond Foodies programme get off to such a great start. Food is such a big sector within Richmond borough and we are delighted to be available to support those businesses and help them grow. Richmond Foodies is a council supported initiative designed to give back to the business community. Richmond Foodies is about providing free food business support to the people of Richmond.

Today, May 17th was our first event. We held a Master Class on “Building A Sales Model To Boost Profits”. In attendance we had, bakers, Indian food suppliers, African street food and cafés amongst others. Each person contributing to make this such a great Master Class. It was marvellous to have such an enthusiastic audience filled with passion and creativity. We love to see so many people living the dream of their own business, living life their own way. Well done all of you.

The session was very interactive with the participants really sharing their own experiences and challenges. There was lots of discussion around customer buying behaviour, sales channels and Helen went through the essential steps a foodie business needs to take to build an effective sales model. It was wonderful to watch people sharing and assisting each other. Exactly the type of foodie communities we want to build in Richmond!

For those of you who could not attend, we thought we’d let you in on some of the top tips given at the Master Class.

• Stay in contact with your customers, give them reasons to remember you without overdoing it.
• Create a relationship with all the decision makers within each client. Your contact will eventually leave.
• Identify which are your most valuable products and services.
• Spend time properly identifying your target audience for each product.
• Identify how you are going to target them.
• Ensure you develop multiple revenue streams.
• Ensure you identify why your customer buys from you and how they usually buy your product.
• Ensure you are always adding value to your customers.
• Make sure you are visible on Google for your location, use geotagging keywords so google picks you up.
• Create multiple routes to market. Are these routes the ones your customer typically use for your product?
• Create a short 60 second sales pitch for each product and customer. You must understand what’s in if for them.
• Create sales targets per month and write them down. Know how many customers you need to achieve these targets. It keeps you focused.
• Create partners that you can joint venture with for all aspects of your business.

Are you interested in growing your food business and are looking for free business support for your food business? If this is you then sign up to our community now at www.richmondfoodies.co.uk

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